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System Business Intelligence Obejmuje – Medium-sized companies already use decision support systems. They began to see the benefits of combining E-class systems with Business Intelligence analytics tools. Every second company around the world uses them

Interest in analytical systems is visible around the world, but in developed markets these systems have gone through their greatest period of implementation. In 2007, the market value of BI applications increased by 12.5 percent, but Gartner analysts predict that by 2011 the growth rate will drop below 10 percent. The reason for this is the completion of the BI implementation process in the largest cooperation, ongoing consolidation, and maturing and saturation of the market.

System Business Intelligence Obejmuje

According to IDC data, at the beginning of 2006, the five largest suppliers – SAS Institute, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion and Microsoft – controlled about 48 percent. BI market. Another 30 percent is divided between 15 independent suppliers. In one year, Oracle bought Hyperion, SAP acquired Business Objects, and IBM acquired Cognos. In 2006, Microsoft bought ProClarity, a maker of analytics solutions. And although the five companies are still competing for the global market, the balance of power has shifted somewhat.

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According to the DiS research institute, there are currently more than 50 product providers and more than 100 companies providing IT services related to this type of solution in Poland. Many software providers have implemented more than a hundred implementations, but there are also those that can only boast of a single one. In 2006, according to DiS, the market value of BI in Poland, including application licenses, amounted to approximately PLN 225.3 million and did not change compared to the previous year. But according to DiS, the boom for this type of solution has not yet arrived.

Interest in analytical support was also seen in the analysis of the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). They show that Polish companies intend to invest the most in this type of system in the future, as well as programs that support logistics and mobile employees.

What makes this software so desirable in the company? First of all, there is a need to make business decisions based on current data, which allows management to respond more quickly to opportunities in a competitive market. Without special software support, this is difficult. Only it can cope with the rapidly growing amount of information stored in the company’s system, especially since they are dispersed.

This is confirmed by IDC research. According to the report of the company “Taming Information Chaos”, 75 percent of companies admit that they are dealing with the phenomenon of information overload and only 50 percent of the information they have is really useful when making decisions. Two-thirds of companies search for systems manually and make decisions without data support. The rest use some type of business analytics tool. The problem with excess data causes as many as 33 percent of the companies surveyed by IDC speed access to real-time information as very important.

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– Without business analytics, companies don’t use their data, decisions are based on experience rather than facts. This may not look too bad if the economic situation is good and the competition is weak. BI helps reduce losses, optimize activities, and facilitate planning and control. Thanks to BI, we will get answers not only about what happened, but also what will happen and how we should act to make this scenario as possible – said Grzegorz Rawicz-Mańkowski, director of marketing at SAS Institute Polska.

The most common areas for using analytical systems are sales, finance and logistics broadly understood. They support the creation of analysis of sales results by region, distribution channels, sellers, etc. On the contrary, in finance, they help in calculating the costs incurred in the company, and in the case of logistics, they enable, among others. track stock levels and movements, orders, and batch size optimization.

– Interest in advanced BI systems is increasing. The annual sales dynamics of the systems we produce exceeds 100 percent, and the buyers are companies that use E-class systems every day from all the leading manufacturers of this type of equipment, international giants such as SAP or Oracle, and national leaders, among them: Sage Symfonia, ComArch, Simple or BPSC – said Witold Kilijański, president of the Control System management board.

Manufacturers of BI applications today face a new challenge – analyzing distributed data collected in an unsystematic way. For this purpose, in March of this year, SAS Institute acquired natural language analysis software provider Teragram. The use of this type of solution is intended to facilitate the processing of unstructured data. By analyzing the content of text documents, it will also be able to create extensive predictive models.

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For several years now, the market for business intelligence solutions has experienced a real boom, and BI-class systems have become an investment priority for most businesses. More and more companies realize that without timely, consistent and up-to-date information about the company’s situation, it is impossible to manage the company effectively in an increasingly competitive market. In 2008, we observed a large increase in interest in BI class solutions in the Polish market, which is also the result of significant economic and market changes in this group of countries. Companies are most often looking for modules that allow the presentation of management information in the form of interactive information dashboards, and are also interested in tools for efficient data analysis in real time, such as OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing).

Most often, Business Intelligence is implemented independently of existing systems. This is due to the differences in technology and BI application functions that enable the consolidation of data from various systems. The most commonly implemented model is planning and analysis. More and more companies are implementing or intending to purchase such systems. This is due to a greater awareness of the need, good references of BI users and license prices adjusted to Polish realities. Managers in our country are increasingly able to assess measurable effects thanks to decisions made based on current data and analysis. This increases their sense of security.

In practice, BI applications are most often implemented as separate systems and integrated with the company’s existing IT environment. It doesn’t matter who is the manufacturer of the transaction system (eg system E) and who is the manufacturer of the BI analytical tool. What is important is the latter’s functionality and the ability to download specific data from the transaction system, not the brand. E-system manufacturers have enough problems to maintain competition in the development of standard module functionality, such as logistics or production, and BI itself is an extensive and continuous branch of software. The most frequently implemented is the basic analytical module, which facilitates the creation of multidimensional analyses, and is more often extended by planning and budgeting functions.[/framework]

The immediate family will not pay inheritance tax, for example on the inheritance apartment, provided that the inheritance is reported to the tax office. You need an SD-Z2 form for this. When should the exemption from paying tribute be calculated?

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The indexation of pensions and annuities in 2024 will be high again, although lower than last year. The benefits will increase from March this year. by 12, 12 percent

The Supreme Court is to decide whether the borrowers of Getin Noble Bank can cancel the contract before the civil court or whether they will have to wait for years for the outcome of the bankruptcy proceedings.

There is enough evidence that will allow initiating criminal proceedings against the former national prosecutor – said Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, president of the “Lex Super Omnia” Association of Prosecutors on TVN24.

To effectively enforce the TV license fee, you need to prove you’re watching TV on a screen, not Netflix. This is impossible – emphasizes Krzysztof Olkiewicz, lawyer.

Przygotuj Się Do Wdrożenia Business Intelligence

France, Poland and Germany have accused Russia of creating a network of websites used to spread pro-Russian propaganda. They warned against the mass distribution of such content before the June elections to the European Parliament.

Daniel Gorgosz, the liquidator of Telewizja Polska, called on the president and editor-in-chief of Telewizja Republika, Tomasz Sakiewicz, to pay one million zlotys for copyright infringement for the “Jedziemy” broadcast.

TVP and Radio Polskie should be financed from budget subsidies or audiovisual fees – informs the website The new regulation, which means the end of TV license fees, could come into force as early as 2025.

Polish Radio’s regional station employees informed about the joint action to protect the formal and legal independence of this station. “We are not against changes in the media (…). However, we are concerned about the prospect of our work being dominated by television, which generates higher costs,” we read. The document has been signed by 741 people so far.

Budowa Systemów Business Intelligence W środowski Microsoft

Media General Roman Polko in paying for comments on TVP: I don’t feel like mama who was cheated of PLN 500

– If someone is an expert in his field, he does not take money for his opinion – said General Roman Polko, former commander of GROM, commenting on reports that commentators were paid PLN 500 per statement in TVP during the PiS government.

After the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is enforced, all errors, including those that do not affect the value of the invoice, must be corrected by issuing a correction invoice.

Cooperation between the finance department and the tax advisor can be an important element in minimizing the risk of errors in settlements, which can have a negative impact on the company’s financial results.

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Safety is the most important criterion considered by citizens from other continents who want to come to Europe – according to a recent study by the European Travel Commission. Infrastructure and tourist prices are also important.

Google introduced an innovation to its map – it will use the so-called large language model so that users can write in simple words what they are looking for, and it will show the right place.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. At Russia’s request, the UN Security Council will meet on Monday.

Canada has joined countries calling on Israel not to carry out a ground invasion of the Gaza city of Rafah. He is of the opinion that such an attack will be devastating for Palestine.

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“Disgusting” – this is how Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley commented on Donald Trump’s personal comments about her husband’s military service.

The European Commission’s concessions may have somewhat calmed the mood of protesting farmers in some EU countries, but all indicate that it will not stop them.

The inappropriate and too emotional language of an expert opinion – even with extensive knowledge – can exclude him as a candidate expert, the Supreme Administrative Court found.

Support Ukraine to victory and the ability to

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