Rotala Species Green

Rotala Species Green. Most of these are somewhat less demanding but no less useful in creating an effective aquascape. Growth rate of the plant compared to other aquatic plants.

Jual Rotala Green - Kota Banjarmasin - Mescape | Tokopedia
Jual Rotala Green – Kota Banjarmasin – Mescape | Tokopedia from

This is another species also called the giant rotala. But this only applies to the marsh variety, which has circular leaves. Cultivars arise or are bred in cultivation.

Cultivars Arise Or Are Bred In Cultivation.

This article includes some common and attractive rotala species that you can choose for your planted tank. These include rotala macrandra “green,” rotala macrandra “narrow leaf,” and rotala macrandra “variegated.” a conclusive taxonomic description of these varieties is not yet available. A general rule when caring for rotala indica is having a moderate to high level of aquarium light, with at least 8 hours of light per day.

In Contrast To Standard R.

The size of the leaves are small, making it an excellent candidate for smaller aquariums. Rotala indica is an annual herbaceous species that is prized as a durable and easy to care for the plant in the aquarium hobby. The latin name means the plant with the round leaves''.

They Are Fairly Easy To Plant And Care For, Making Them Very Popular In The Hobby.

Rotala macrandra is an aquatic plant of the order myrtales, the family lythraceae, and the genus rotala also known as “giant red rotala” or “the king of the reds”. Green can be grown in all planting zones as it tends to form a cascading bush. It is a genus of stem plants / bunchy plants with a fast growth pattern.

It Portrays A Bright Green Coloration Throughout Its Stem And Small, Rounded Leaves.

Another characteristic feature is the stems, which begin to bow once they reach a certain height. In an aquarium the leaves are thin and elliptical, and a much brighter green. Alternatively, using low to medium light will then cause the green leaves to become a dull, yellow.

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Just Like Rotala Macrandra Red, Rotala Macrandra Green Makes A Wonderful Choice As A Background Aquarium Plant Or For Any Aquascape That Needs A Little Color Variation.

They are among the most used aquascaper plants for their beauty and colors ranging from green to red depending on the. This is another species also called the giant rotala. Rotala green (rotala rotundifolia 'green') is a very prolific, hardy and undemanding stem plant.

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