Rotala Rotundifolia Green

Rotala Rotundifolia Green. They show thick, whitish margins and colour. Rotundifolia ‘green’ may also grow taller, reaching up to 19in in.

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Allow approximately 3.5 to 5 watts of power per gallon of water. Rotundifolia and its variants, r, nanjenshan, r. Given bright light and sufficient nutrients, the leaves may change from olive green to pinkish color towards the top of the plant.

*Menanam Aquatic Plant Dari Status Darat Akan Lebih Bagus Hasilnya Karena Tanaman Mudah Menyesuaikan Dengan Kondisi Parameter Dan Suhu Air Saat Tanam.

In an aquarium the leaves are thin and elliptical, and a much brighter green. 'green' is a variety that has yet to receive its confirmed classification. Dwarf rotala has a vibrant green and reddish coloration, which creates a visually appealing impression in aquariums.

Lytheraceae Rotala From Asia Is A Genus Comprising Many Species Well Known To Aquarists Across The World.

Above water the leaves are round, as on the rotala rotundifolia, and dark green. Belonging to the popular rotala family, rotala green is commonly found in the midground of larger planted aquarium tanks or as the background in nano planted aquarium tanks. While this plant only requires medium light, exposure to excessive light will do nothing to turn the leaves from green to a pink or red hue.

Cuttings Should Be At Least 4 In (10 Cm) Long To Ensure Good Growth.

Ez azonban csak a mocsaras körülmények között fejlődő növényekre igaz, melyek. ‘green’ is very similar to rotala rotundifolia, but its leaves remain fresh and bright green, even with intensive light. Another characteristic feature is the stems, which begin to bow once they reach a certain height.

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Bright Light Brings Out The Beauty And Color.

The rotala rotundifolia is one of the most commonly used tropical plants in the aquarium industry. Rotala rotundifolia (variants include rotala colorata, h'ra, ceylon, etc) is a fast growing stem plant that has been a staple of the planted aquarium world for a long time. Rotundifolia ‘green’ may also grow taller, reaching up to 19in in.

When Growing Above Water, The Emerged Leaf Will Be Round, Coin Shape And When Growing Submerged, It Will Transition To A Much Narrow Leaf.

Description rotala rotundifolia green also know as rotala sp. Rotala in aquariums are light green to red, depending on the intensity of the light. Rotala rotundifolia is a plant that appreciates lots of aquarium light.

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