Painting The Ceiling Same Color As Walls – When I first told my contractor that he was going to paint the ceiling and walls in our powder room the same dark green color, he asked me several times if I was sure.

Although this design decision may have been wrong ten years ago, it is now an important trend in interior design, and one that I love.

Painting The Ceiling Same Color As Walls

The idea of ​​painting (and cutting) the ceiling and walls the same color is called color watering, and while it’s a trend this year, it’s certainly not a new idea.

Why Painting The Ceiling To Match The Walls Is Worth Considering

Although white is the color of the ceiling, it happens here and there to paint the ceiling and walls the same color, especially in traditional/maximalist rooms. The style is also very British, which makes sense since all English is going well at the moment.

The appearance of the wetting of the paint is also different. It can be loud if you choose a deep color like I did for our powder bath, or it can make a room feel brighter and larger if you choose bright or white.

My “Palm Leaf” guest toilet – in the mirror you can see that the ceiling matches the walls

The effect of color irrigation depends on the color and location, but they all create a space that feels good and luxurious. This also makes your room appear larger because there is no noticeable gap between the walls and the ceiling.

The Pros And Cons Of Painting Ceilings The Same Color As Walls

A popular choice among interior designers is to paint the walls and ceiling the same color. Designers like Jake Arnold, Matthew Williamson, Park & ​​​​Oak, Studio DB and many, many are fans of the water type.

You can really create a colorful look in any room as long as you choose the right color.

You have to be a little careful with dark colors because painting the ceiling with a dark color in the wrong place can feel interesting. I would say that applying paint with black paint works like this:

I personally tried the glossy look with black wall paint in a small powder room. The room has no windows, so the view is breathtaking. BUT it’s a powder room and it’s small so it’s not scary even with the black color.

Should You Paint Your Ceiling The Same Color As The Walls?

If your heart is set on the black color of the wall and you also want to try the black color of your ceiling but you are afraid that it will be too impressive, you can try the 75% color on the ceiling. This will give you a color effect without filling the room.

If you want a light color or a medium color with an LRV of 40+, I think spray paint will work anywhere.

Again, it’s a look I like best in powder rooms/bathrooms, but I’ve seen it work well in kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, etc. too.

As for the concept, I think color optimization and deep colors work well in rooms with old traditions, such as: B. moldings or wall coverings, as well as in a decor that mixes with the past or the past. This is because the color scheme of the entire room is so safe that it is suitable for detailed and artistic decoration styles.

Should You Paint Your Ceiling The Same Color As Your Walls? |

In modern spaces I like the look and tones of white or cream because they just make the room look like a blank slate and seem much more sophisticated.

If you’ve never painted a ceiling and walls the same color, here are some questions about the details and my answers.

If you want to paint your walls and ceilings in the same color and want an eye-catching look, then go for this color too. See the image above.

Unless… you paint the walls and ceiling one shade of white and want the paneling to be a different color. Next, paint the trim (and interior doors!)

Of Your Most Crazy Making Paint Color Questions Answered!

If you’re painting your walls white, you may be wondering whether you should paint your ceiling the same color.

If you want to paint your entire house the same color as your walls, you should also paint the ceiling the same color.

However, if you choose a different white for the trim work, use that white for the ceiling. This keeps everything consistent. I already know that this topic alone will cause a lot of controversy. But I promise you that it will fundamentally change the design of a room. Painting the ceiling to match the walls is a painting trick I learned this year. It’s simple yet BIG!

It’s good for me too because everything in our house that we bought in 2020 was painted gray. The walls, the ceiling, everything. With this painting I can remove all the paint I hate.

Add Color Here But Please Not There

I would cite three main reasons when trying to convince someone to paint their ceiling and walls the same color:

Click the link above to view this beautiful room. But this is a good example of how painting the ceiling to match the walls can make a room seem larger.

This room takes it a step further with trim and doors and trim in the same color. I like it best when everything is the same color. The paint on the walls is Farrow and Ball De Nimes.

Take a look at this first image and tell me what you see. I see a room with very high ceilings (ours is 9 feet), but you wouldn’t know it by looking at this room.

Make It Monochromatic: Painting Project Tips For Diyers

This room has high ceilings and a full bathroom, but is still a small space. It also has no windows and offers natural light. A small room is a great opportunity to paint the walls and ceiling the same color. The myth goes that painting a small room one color will make it appear smaller, while the opposite is true.

Since the walls and ceiling are now painted the same color, the room appears seamless. This color draws the eye upward, making the ceiling appear higher and the room appear larger. I painted not only the ceiling but also the doors and cut them in the same color.

Since the space was small, I like having fun places. Even the black color will not make the room smaller. The color just covers the whole room like a hug. (Yes, I know, that sounds very silly)

This room has a ceiling height of 10 feet. Check out the before and after. They seem to speak for themselves.

How To Paint Your Ceiling

I liked this style of her room, but the white walls and gray ceiling made the room feel open and airy, but spacious.

When looking at a ceiling, it can be difficult to tell where the wall ends and the ceiling begins. I love how this gives me space. The ceilings in this room are very high, but they seem so high yet soft as the walls and ceiling flow seamlessly together.

A different control may be perceived as a distraction, but I don’t think it changes the effect of making the room appear larger. I wanted to include this as an example so the trim and trim could be painted the same, but that isn’t necessary if you think the trim colors should be different.

Helpful Tips: If your room has a ceiling (trees, wooden ceiling, etc.), this trick is not recommended.

What Colour Do I Paint The Ceiling?

There were also a few imperfections in the ceiling that the new paint was able to cover up. This room also has many corners that are also softened by color.

Here are some examples of rooms with walls and ceilings painted the same color, usually in dark and light colors, to show how both colors work.

If you have the budget and patience to invest, definitely! It only reinforces the illusion that the roofs are high and beautiful. If you add, paint the same color as the walls and ceiling for the trick to work.

Technically speaking, yes. I did this in my bathroom with egg luster. Ceiling paint is usually flat to prevent leaks and hide imperfections. This is great for the roof.

Reasons To Paint Your Ceiling Dark

I didn’t want to use three different shimmers in one room (matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss for the trim), so I bought one to save money and use the same color for the walls and ceiling. I will be adding box moldings to this room soon and finishing the legs and baseboards with semi-gloss varnish.

The best time to paint your ceiling to match the walls is when you have limited space. It can work well in any room, but I might try it in a small room first.

Sherwin Williams says painting a white ceiling is good for reflecting light in a room, especially one that lacks natural light. You can do this, but I think it cuts off the space and makes it look like the ceiling is closer to your eye.

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