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Masterworks Make Smart and Profitable Investments Buy interests in the artwork of master artists for millions of dollars, then share in the profits when they resell them.

How To Buy Art As An Investment

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Masterworks: How It Works And What To Know Before Investing

Men and women with an eye for opportunity are always looking for reliable ways to turn their money into more money. So seeing a sector that has outperformed premium S&P 500 stocks by 250 percent over the past two decades is worth a close look.

Unfortunately, that investment area is the world of art. And while the rise in prices for prime jobs is undeniable, there are always two barriers to entry to becoming a tech investor. First, you need information about which graphic will see the highest increase in value. Most importantly, you often want access to hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars to add a major work by an established artist to your portfolio.

Masterworks takes care of both of these issues. They offer the modest investor the opportunity to purchase works of art at a fraction of the traditional cost while enjoying great appreciation on their investment.

For $1.82 million. They gave retail investors the opportunity to buy shares in the painting, allowing 1,300 Masterworks members to own a piece of Warhol, a portfolio asset unlikely to be available to anyone but millionaire art investors.

Art As An Investment?

Since then, the Masterworks team has created several of these investment opportunities and analyzed more than 60,000 data points to find jobs that are poised for big upside. Masterworks will buy these artworks and then make shares of those works available to its investors through the Masterworks app, with share prices starting as low as $20.

From works by Picasso and Monet to Zao Wou-Ki and Gerhard Richter, Masterworks investors can build a portfolio that includes multi-million dollar works by household name artists. Clients can publish their portfolios and then take a share of the profits when Masterworks eventually sells the works for a substantial increase in their original value. For example, investors bought shares of a Banksy painting for $1,000

After Masterworks bought the painting. They eventually sold the project for $1.5 million in 2020, giving each investor a 32-year return on their initial cost.

Beginner investors can register through the Masterworks website. After answering a series of introductory questions, a Masterworks investment representative will contact the customer to help them set up an investment portfolio.

Thinking Of Investing In Art? Read These Top Tips First

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Forget real estate – ‘art flipping’ is the latest trend for millennials to build wealth and it’s an investment for the little ones being overlooked

Masterworks Makes Fine Art Investment Easy And Profitable

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While expensive art is not a new concept for the elite, affluent millennials are more organized than previous generations when it comes to purchasing high-end art.

“Millennials are more likely than other generations to view art as a financial asset and part of a broader wealth-building strategy,” wrote Art Market Guru’s Amelia Kennedy.

Investing In Art For Beginners: How To Buy Art Like An Expert

How art can be seen as a financial asset, Kennedy wrote, citing 2018 data from Bank of America’s Trust Insights in the Wealth and Worth report. And according to the report, 85% of millennials said they were very or somewhat likely to sell in the next year, while only 41% of Gen X collectors and 24% of baby boomers said the same.

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Kennedy calls it “the art of flipping”—buying in hopes of a quick sale. But profit isn’t always the main motivator — some buyers reinvest profits into more art as a way to amass a better collection, according to Kennedy.

The art of flying is not a new idea, said Lorne Manly and Robin Pogrebin of the New York Times. It’s a widely debated topic, as some see circle art as a way to demean the artist and the profession, they wrote.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy Art — Victoria Burns

Millennial art investors bring only great art. According to Kennedy, they are more likely than other generations to consider the value of a work and the market as a whole rather than the aesthetics of a piece before making a purchase decision.

Art flipping can certainly reap profits—Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Hero” rose 450% in price from 2005 to 2012, where it sold three times; at the third sale, it was worth nearly $9 million, according to Manly and Pogrebin.

But just like in real estate, flipping art doesn’t always turn a profit. Art dealer and collector Niels Kantor of Kantor Gallery paid $100,000 for the Hugh Scott-Douglas canvas in 2014 with the intention of transferring it. Two years later, he sold it for $20,000, an 80% discount, Bloomberg’s Katya Kazakina reported.

Flipping art isn’t the only motivation for millennial art buyers, however. They are also motivated by love, an appreciation of beauty and a desire for personal fulfillment when it comes to collecting art, Kennedy wrote: “Collecting fulfills the collector’s sense of love for creativity and is a strategic step in today’s world to make a personal mark.”

Investing In Art Under £10,000

He quoted Alexander Gilkes, founder of online art platform Paddle8, who told W Magazine: “Our generation has been robbed of its identity by the homogenizing effect of technology. You collect the most perfect presentation of who you are. It’s the preservation of your identity – that’s what you leave behind .”

Millennials are very interested in contemporary art — more than 90% of young collectors, defined as those under 40, are interested in modern pieces, Kennedy wrote, citing data from the AXA Art Survey.

Think “millennials in hoodies” who bought $28 million worth of art inspired by the Simpsons TV show at a recent Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, according to Bloomberg’s Frederik Balfour and Katya Kazakina.

But expanding their personal brand isn’t the only way millennials are deviating from their parents when it comes to the art world.

Revolver Gallery’s Ron Rivlin: How To Buy A Kick Ass Work Of Art

“High-net-worth millennials are very active in all areas of the art market and are very willing to buy art online,” Bloomberg TV reporter Rosalind Chin said in a TikTok broadcast, referring to Art’s statistics. Market report. According to Chin, 17% of Millennials in the report said they spent $100,000 or more to buy a piece of art online, and 4% said they spent $1 million to do so.

Instagram serves as a tool for both emerging artists and millennial collectors, Adweek reports. According to the publication, social media influencers promote the art market and create “social media images.” More information See shipping details

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A Guide To Auction V Private Sale In The Art Market

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