Growing Aubretia In Walls

Growing Aubretia In Walls. Plants which grow on walls include stonecrop, valerian, campanula and maidenhair spleenwort. If your site fits some basic growth criteria, aubrieta (false rock cress), a bright ground cover, is an excellent choice for edging your walks or tucking between stone walls.

How To Grow Aubretia
How To Grow Aubretia from

They prefer an alkaline soil but do seem tolerant of a neutral growing medium. It requires just a little maintenance and is trouble free. How do you grow aubretia on walls?

I Was Planning On Putting In Small Plants Rather Than Seeds, But A Bit Worried About Damaging The Roots, As The Cracks Are Narrow At The Top I Would Have To Try To Squeeze The Plants In.

Although aubrieta is not scented, it is attractive to bees and long flowering. Commonly grown aubrieta / rock cress cultivars aubrieta cultorum x aubrieta deltoidea rokey's purple aubrieta: A sweeping variety that grows to about 2 feet wide and only a couple of inches high.

You Can Grow It On A Wall And Let The Ravishing Blue Colors Cascade Down The Edge.

Aubretia flowers are in shades of light blue, mauve and. Use the hoe to loosen the soil in the area where you want to plant your aubretia seeds. Us zones 5 to 7.

Water Them Adequately And Wait A Couple Of Weeks For The Seeds To Germinate.

In addition to its use as ground cover it also makes a nice plant to grow in a rock garden, wall crevices, and at the front of a garden border. It requires just a little maintenance and is trouble free. Every 1 to 3 years dig up the plant and divide to prevent center die out and propagate more plants for free.

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Do This Step In Early Spring Once Your Soil Is Workable.

It looks especially superb grown along a hollow topped wall where the plants can. Valley gardener rhondda valley posts: Place about 5 to 10 specimens to a square yard 1 m² to create amazing ground cover.

Water On A Regular Basis, Whenever The Surface Soil Is Dry.

Cast the seeds over the tilled dirt and lightly cover them. When you plant aubrieta, don’t worry if it doesn’t bloom the first year. The cracks are fairly deep, about 20cm, but narrow.

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