Commercial Property Investments Limited – London is one of the biggest cities that attract investors from all over the world. People who want to start a business or live in the capital, London is one of their first choices. A report by Ernst & Young found that between 2010 and 2015, rents for real estate in the capital rose by 70%.

The report produced many results, two of which were particularly interesting. the first to show that commercial property has become one of the most profitable investments in the UK. The deputy also said that some businesses will start looking for cheaper options in other parts of London, creating so-called “hubs of the future”, areas similar to Shoreditch near the Silicon Roundabout, the third largest technology district. the world

Commercial Property Investments Limited

“In the past, takeovers of new office space were mainly in Docklands, Holborn and Southbank, but our research shows an increase in office space across London in 2015, particularly in Farringdon and Shoreditch.”

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Shoreditch has seen rents rise by 181% between 2010 and 2015, making it a prime investment target for investors.

The real estate market in London is always changing, and it is a place to save money. The shape of the city continues to grow, some areas are being renovated. Haringey is a lasting example of the regeneration some communities are witnessing, the economy is growing, the community is thriving, and making it a place of ‘great opportunity’. At our launch event, the Mayor of Haringey, Stephen Mann, was keen to support the efforts of WorkSpace Commerce as he believes the Hale site will be a key factor in Haringey’s growth.

“I think there are a lot of people who are starting their own businesses. They work from home, while others go to London; so I think what [WorkSpace Commerce] will add to Haringey is to give people a place to work from home where they don’t have to go to London, and I think that that’s great. “

Despite the post-Brexit fears, reports suggest that there will be strong demand for business in London. Business Insider reported that.

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“In the first six months of 2017, Chinese investors spent 3.96 billion pounds ($5.10 billion) on London commercial properties, according to data from the CBRE group, the highest amount recorded and more than the 2.69 billion pounds that had been in 2016. ยป

When choosing your future commercial property to use, look at the location and surrounding area. There are many developing areas across London that are already attracting investors from around the world. Part of Shoreditch is the area called Hoxton, this area has already turned into a real place of the future.

The good thing about London, there is no one place or way to look, the city is very diverse and changes day and night, which makes it a great opportunity to take advantage of. You asked. We listened. In the latest episode of Rethink Investing with Inside Commercial Property, co-hosts Phil Tarrant and Scott O’Neill answer the biggest questions from an enthusiastic audience.

Phil and Scott tackle some of the questions that drive the minds of real estate investors, including the pros and cons of building commercial properties and buying existing properties in today’s market, how to find the best property manager, and the red and green. pay attention when working with one. The pair also discuss how you can turn your roof into cash by renting out solar panels and unpack why it can be a great financial opportunity if you do it right.

London: The Haven Of Commercial Property Investments

With commercial loans, they also talk about how investors can maximize their returns on their commercial properties by getting the right rate, before looking at the best time to buy commercial properties in the next 12 months.

Property means something tangible or intangible that a person or business has legal rights or ownership to, such as houses, cars, stocks or bonds.

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