Aubretia Varieties

Aubretia Varieties. They grow to be about. Full sun to light shade.

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Planting and care, photo of flowers in a flower bed. Place it in a really gritty cutting compost, add extra grit if necessary, and place it in a cold frame to root. Aubrieta varieties differ between each other not.

At The Peak Of Their Popularity, Aubrieta Plants Were Practically In Every Garden, Especially On Top Of Rock Gardens.

Some are picked more commonly than others. Aubretia is hardy to zone 4. • recommended varieties are aubrieta ‘doctor mules’ and magenta ‘red cascade’ which both have an rhs award of garden merit.

Compared To Other Cultivars On The Market, The Axcent Series Blooms One To Two Weeks Earlier And Provides An Extended Shelf Life As It Blooms For Up To Eight Weeks.

They seem to take better if pulled off with a heel rather than being cut. Larger cultivar to 6 inches (15 cm) in height. They grow to be about.

Aubrieta Is A Cute Little Perennial Ground Cover.

The leaves are pale green, ovoid, with characteristic teeth. Aubrieta 'purple cascade' is a versatile, early flowering variety that combines well with early daffodils and wildflower. Aubretia is hardy to zone 4.

With Popularity Comes The Demand For More Cultivars And Variety.

A summary of aubrieta facts. Make sure you amend soil and check for percolation prior to planting them out. Sow more heavily this variety to get a decent number of plants.

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Although Aubrieta Is Not Scented, It Is Attractive To Bees And Long Flowering.

Planting and care, photo of flowers in a flower bed; Havelberg, hürt, blue king, winterberg, cascade purple, doctor mules, red carpet, bressingham pink, royal blue. Take cuttings from mid to late summer by pulling off a shoot.

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