Aubretia V Campanula

Aubretia V Campanula. With its help, you can create a flowering carpet, both in vertical and horizontal position. Reviews (7) spreading plants, completely covered in flowers, in an excellent range of colours.

Aubretia! In The Plant Id Forum -
Aubretia! In The Plant Id Forum – from

There are several cultivars available with flowers of red, lilac and pink. We sell these in 9cm pots so they will fit easily into a wall or rockery. So many synonyms and unresolved names!

Aubrieta Completely Covers The Soil With Leaves And Lush Flowering.

They root fast, but untie the bag and. The most common problems occur where soil is clay or drainage is poor. There are several cultivars available with flowers of red, lilac and pink.

There Is A Wide Range Of Campanula Species And Varieties Available, From Tall To Dwarf Height.

Lightbox | cart | orders | my account. Aubrieta are spring flowering evergreen perennials with small leaves. Campanula, aubrieta, dianthus and helianthemum in flower in a border.

Make Sure You Amend Soil And Check For Percolation Prior To Planting Them Out.

Water the cuttings thoroughly then place the whole pot in a polythene bag and tie the top. Aubretia is an easy to grow simple plant ideally placed trailing over walls and rockeries. In addition, she will feel great in vases or drawers on the balcony.

Keep Aubrieta Moderately Moist Especially During The Growing Season.

She was active as a convoy escort in the atlantic and mediterranean. Carpatica has large blue or white flowers in midsummer. Low and trailing, aubrieta excels as ground cover, planted between stepping.

Aubrieta Belongs To The Genus Of Perennial Herbaceous Plants That Can Decorate Any Landscape.

Whether growing as annuals, evergreen perennials, or herbaceous plants, you can. It looks like campanula, possibly campanula portenschlagiana or one of its hybrids like campanula 'birch hybrid'. Popular varieties of campanula grown in the uk.

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