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The lawsuit alleges that Wells Fargo “systematically attempts to charge or transfer customers when the rate freeze expires, even if the delay is not the customer’s fault.”

Wells Fargo Refinance Rates Today

Wells Fargo & Co. hurt by its dummy accounts scandal, the bank is accused of cheating customers in a different way: by slapping them with fees for delays in processing mortgage applications.

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A former mortgage banker at Wells Fargo in Beverly Hills claimed in a lawsuit this week that the bank falsified accounts and blamed foreclosure borrowers and fired him for trying to sue the relationship.

The lawsuit follows a months-long internal investigation into alleged misconduct that led to the ouster of executives of the San Francisco bank’s mortgage business. ProPublica first reported the improper payments in January.

When borrowers apply for a mortgage, they are usually guaranteed a fixed interest rate if the loan is approved within a certain time frame, usually 30 to 45 days. If the approval is extended, the borrower can still receive the promised rate, but there are financing costs associated with extending the guarantee.

Wells Fargo’s policy, like most lenders, is to cover these costs if the delay is not the fault of the borrower. Thereafter, borrowers are charged a rate freeze extension fee.

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In his lawsuit, former banker Mauricio Alaniz said Wells Fargo’s mortgage processing and underwriting department was inadequate, leading to chronic delays through no fault of the borrowers. But instead of refusing to pay the bank’s rate, the workers falsely report that borrowers have submitted incomplete or inaccurate information.

Rate freeze fees can be substantial, typically ranging from 0.125% to 0.25% of the total mortgage amount, depending on the size of the loan and other factors. For a buyer wanting to borrow $400,000, the 0.25% fee is $1,000.

Alaniz argues in a July 10 filing in federal court in Los Angeles that Wells Fargo “systematically attempts to charge or pass on the payment of rate freeze fees to customers, even if the delay is the customer’s fault.” He said the practice has led to millions of improper payments to borrowers.

Wells Fargo is the largest mortgage lender, originating $244 billion in home loans last year, or 12% of all US mortgages. Bank spokesman Tom Goyda said he could not comment on Alaniz’s lawsuit, but said the bank was looking into “questions raised from past practices” regarding rate caps.

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Alaniz and other Wells Fargo bankers said the practice of improperly passing rate payments to borrowers has been a problem in Southern California, and it’s unclear whether the problems are more widespread. The bank parted ways with several mortgage executives, including its former national sales manager and two regional managers who oversaw mortgage operations in California, Nevada and Oregon.

Last month, the bank announced the appointment of Liz Bryant as head of mortgage sales, replacing former head Greg Gwizdz. At the time, the bank reported that Gwizdz was no longer with the bank, along with two former regional sales managers. Tom Swanson, the Los Angeles regional manager named in the Alaniz lawsuit, left the bank in March.

“While there are a number of factors, some of the things we learned while reviewing the fare freeze extension factored into this decision,” he said.

Alaniz’s lawsuit alleges retaliation and discrimination by the whistleblower, who claims he was fired because he reported illegal behavior to bank executives and because the branch manager thought Alaniz was gay. He is seeking back wages, punitive damages, and compensation for mental and emotional distress.

Wells Fargo Ordered To Pay $22 Million To Fired Manager

Alaniz’s complaint echoes allegations made by another former Wells Fargo mortgage banker, Frank Chavez, in a letter sent last year to members of the House Financial Services Committee and members of the Senate Banking Committee.

Chavez, who worked in Beverly Hills before resigning in April 2016, said loan processing delays became more prevalent after Wells Fargo cut 2,300 mortgage processing jobs in 2014. Other lenders also declined at the same time that mortgage applications fell after a surge in refinancing fueled by record interest rates.

Chavez said the bank has begun increasing fees for borrowers as it has become more common to extend the original loan approval period. A third former banker at Wells Fargo in Los Angeles said managers refused to cover the cost of the bank’s rate expansion.

Jeff Lazerson, president of mortgage broker Laguna Niguel Mortgage Grader, said the claims against Wells Fargo are not unique and that mortgage lenders often seek to extend rates to borrowers. He says this often results in a lack of lenders and delays.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Forbearance Class Action Lawsuit Dropped

“It happens because we don’t have enough resources, not enough manpower to run the business,” Lazerson said. “When they’re stuck, there’s always a lot of excuses. They say: “It took a long time to get it” or “They never sent the documents.” Many times they hope that when the borrower pays the rate freeze renewal fee, it will not be withheld.

But Lazerson said new mortgage disclosure rules put in place by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made it harder for lenders to hide surcharges.

“People in this industry hate the CFPB, but it illuminates an issue that people are buried in,” he said.

James Rufus Coren covered banking and finance for the Los Angeles Times. He previously wrote for the Los Angeles Business Journal, where he covered banking, manufacturing and other industries, and for newspapers in Southern California and rural Michigan. He grew up in St. Louis and small-town Iowa, headed west to attend the University of Southern California, and now lives in Long Beach. Wells Fargo Bank offers money-saving products, including competitive CD rates, checking accounts, and high savings accounts. This guide compares their interest rates to the CD rates of major US banks.

Wells Fargo Now Accused Of Unfair Home Mortgage Rate Hikes

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Wells Fargo Accused Of Forcing Mortgage Applicants To Pay Unwarranted Fees

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Customers Say Wells Fargo Paused Their Mortgage Payments Without Their Consent

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